When considering a garage conversion company in Edinburgh, asking the right questions can guide you to a reliable and skilled contractor. Here are essential questions to ask:

  1. Experience and Specialisation: “How long have you been doing garage conversions in Edinburgh? Do you specialise in this type of project?”
  2. Previous Projects: “Can you provide examples of your previous garage conversions? May I see a portfolio or visit completed projects?”

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  1. Licenses and Insurance: “Are you licensed and insured for garage conversion work in Edinburgh?”
  2. Local Regulations: “How familiar are you with Edinburgh’s planning permissions and building regulations for garage conversions?”
  3. Project Timeline: “What is the estimated timeline for a project like mine?”
  4. Cost Breakdown: “Can you provide a detailed breakdown of costs? What is included in the quote?”
  5. Change Orders: “How do you handle changes or unexpected issues during the project?”
  6. Subcontractors: “Do you use subcontractors? If so, how do you ensure their work meets your standards?”
  7. Warranty and Aftercare: “What warranties do you offer? What does your aftercare service include?”
  8. Payment Terms: “What are your payment terms? Do you require a deposit?”
  9. Communication: “How will you communicate with me during the project? Who will be my main point of contact?”
  10. Customer Satisfaction: “Can you provide references from previous clients in Edinburgh?”

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By asking these questions, you’ll gain insights into the company’s expertise, reliability, and approach to customer service, ensuring you make an informed decision for your garage conversion project.