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Best Joiners in Rosewell, Midlothian

From small-to-massive projects, our entire joinery team is fully committed to helping you complete your building or refurbishment project with efficiency and precision.

We’ve spent years building a reputation that’s as solid as our joiners, not sacrificing quality for quantity. Because, in our eyes, there’s no substitute for quality service and peace of mind knowing you’re working with the best joiner Rosewell could ask for.

Whether you’re putting together a small residential project or require a bigger workload for a complex industrial project, you can’t go wrong when you work with us.

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Decades Of Joinery Experience

There's no substitute for quality trade experience. We possess decades of experience and the knowledge to get your job done right.

A Focus On Safety & Your Wellbeing

We focus on both the quality of your joiner and the safety of your crew, keeping 100% compliant with joinery rules.

Most Trusted joiner Rosewell Has

We're the most-trusted joinery contractor Rosewell has to offer. That's because we focus on your needs first.

Joinery Services We Provide:

Bespoke Joinery

If it can be made from wood, our Edinburgh joiners can make your vision a reality when it comes to building customs and bespoke joinery pieces.

House Renovations

Looking to renovate your home, or a new project? We specialise in full home renovations and can project manage the entire process from start to finish.

Bespoke Wardrobes

Looking to have custom wardrobes built from scratch, exactly how you want them? Our joiners can bring your ideas to life with bespoke built wardrobes.

Kitchen Fitters

Need a kitchen fitter in Edinburgh? Our team of experts can source, fit and install your new kitchen to the highest modern standard today.

Bathrooms Fitters

Need a bathroom fitter in Edinburgh? We can help you find the perfect bathroom, design the layout, and professionally install and fit it.

Flooring Installation

We can remove your old flooring, find you the best replacement hardwoods or laminates if needed, and install the new flooring to the highest quality.

Decking Installation

Our expert Edinburgh joiners are specialists in building and installing garden decking to the exact specification which you desire.

Fencing Installation

Is your garden fencing looking tired? We can remove the old fencing and replace it with the modern timber fencing of your choice.

Windows and Doors

UPVC, wood, or anything else,we can remove your old windows and install your new windows ensuring they are securely and safely fitted.

Cladding and Rainscreens

Decided to clad your house or garden room with some nice cladding? We are expert cladding installers and experienced with timber, fibre cement, and more.

Loft Conversions

Thinking about converting your loft or attic space? We have lots of experience converting attics in to ensuite bedrooms, games rooms and storage rooms.

Garage Conversions

Converting a garage in to another bedroom, bathroom, or liveable area is something our Edinburgh joiners have done many times over the years.


Whether you need a staircase built in to a new loft conversion, or an old staircase removed and a brand new one built and installed, our expert team of Edinburgh joiners can help.

Garden Rooms

Garden rooms have become very popular as work from home offices recently, and this has meant we have gained plenty of experience building them. We can manage the entire project, start to finish.

Commercial Joinery

 Shop fitting, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, offices. We have experience working in all commercial situations and industries and we can manage all of your project from start to finish.

Why Choose Us

Dependable Joinery Company in Rosewell, Midlothian

There’s no shortage of joinery companies in Rosewell. So why choose our joinery company? Simply put, our team treats every job as if it were our own. There’s no substitute for your safety, and that’s why our entire team is dedicated to being the safest and most dependable joiners Rosewell has to offer.

If you’ve been searching for that go-to joinery company in Rosewell, we’ve got good news: you just found it. Whether you need a joinery team who executes with precision and efficiency, or a team that puts their customers’ needs first, we’ve got you covered.


  • Dependable & Reliable joiner Systems
  • Free Job Estimates & Bids
  • A Stellar Reputation Built By Dedication & Strong Relationships
  • Unmatched Service & Unbeatable Quality
  • 100% Compliance
  • No Other Team Works Harder — Guaranteed
joinery services fife

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Reliable Joinery Services in Rosewell

Are you searching for a dependable joinery company in Rosewell, Midlothian? Look no further!

We collaborate with the most reputable, skilled, and fully qualified joiner companies in Rosewell.

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Our expert joiners provide their services across all areas in Rosewell.

Postcodes covered in Rosewell: EH24.

Do we offer free joinery and building quotes in Rosewell?
Absolutely, we provide free, no-obligation quotes for all the joinery services we offer.

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Joinery in Rosewell

Welcome to Rosewell, a quaint village nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Midlothian! Rosewell is not just known for its scenic beauty but also for its rich heritage in joinery and carpentry. Let’s take a straightforward journey through Rosewell, exploring how woodworking has influenced its past, present, and future. Whether you’re a curious teenager or simply exploring the area, this guide is designed for easy understanding without any fancy jargon.

The Historical Backbone of Joinery in Rosewell
Rosewell’s association with joinery and carpentry dates back centuries, deeply rooted in its rural traditions. Historically, skilled craftsmen played a vital role in crafting wooden furnishings, tools, and structures essential for daily life. Their craftsmanship adorned local homes, barns, and churches, shaping the architectural landscape of Rosewell and preserving its cultural identity.

Iconic Woodwork of Rosewell
As you explore Rosewell, you’ll encounter remarkable examples of woodwork that pay homage to the village’s joinery legacy. From the elegant wooden facades of historic buildings to the sturdy fences lining country roads, the craftsmanship is evident in every detail. One notable example is the Rosewell Parish Church, where ornate wooden features showcase the skill and artistry of local joiners throughout history.

Trends in Joinery and Carpentry in Rosewell
Rosewell embraces innovation while honoring traditional craftsmanship, reflecting current trends in joinery and carpentry. There’s a growing emphasis on sustainability, with artisans and companies prioritizing eco-friendly practices and locally sourced materials. From bespoke wooden furniture to energy-efficient timber constructions, Rosewell’s joinery scene is evolving to meet the needs of modern living while preserving its natural surroundings.

Joinery’s Role in Rosewell’s Urban Development
Joinery and carpentry play integral roles in Rosewell’s urban development, contributing to the village’s growth and prosperity. Whether restoring historic landmarks or constructing new homes, local joiners are at the forefront of shaping Rosewell’s built environment. Their craftsmanship enhances the aesthetic appeal of the village and ensures that new developments blend seamlessly with existing architecture, maintaining Rosewell’s unique character and sense of community.

Rosewell’s story is intertwined with craftsmanship and tradition, with joinery playing a central role in its narrative. From its humble beginnings to its vibrant present, Rosewell continues to draw inspiration from its woodworking heritage, fostering a sustainable future rooted in innovation and respect for the past. Whether you’re drawn to the village’s history, natural beauty, or the allure of quality craftsmanship, Rosewell offers something for everyone, connecting the past with the present and shaping the future of joinery in Midlothian.

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We were delighted with this company. They were very honest with us from the start and we could leave them to do the job without the fear of being ripped off. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Mary T.


We got a great service from Joiner Edinburgh. The installation team were professional and friendly, our kitchen turned out amazing and the communication was very good. We would definitely recommend them.
Tony R.


I had extensive renovation work done and I am pleased with the result from start to finish. The team worked very hard, efficiently, and were courteous and friendly throughout.
Sean L.


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