Ordering a bespoke staircase in Edinburgh is an exciting process that allows for personal expression and adds a signature feature to your home or commercial space. To ensure a smooth process, here are the steps you typically follow:

  1. Define Your Vision: Before approaching designers or joiners, have a clear idea of what you want. Collect images, sketch ideas, consider materials, and think about the style of your property and how the staircase will fit within it.

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  1. Research Local Specialists: Look for experienced staircase designers and craftsmen in Edinburgh. Consider their portfolios, check customer reviews, and pay attention to their past projects, especially those that align with the style you are seeking.
  2. Request Consultations: Reach out to a few selected designers or companies for consultations. These meetings are crucial for discussing your ideas, budget, and timeline. They also give you a sense of the service provider’s professionalism and creativity.
  3. Design Phase: Collaborate with the designer who will draft detailed plans and renderings. This is a collaborative phase where you can tweak and refine the design. Make sure to discuss materials, finishes, and any regulatory compliance, especially if your building is listed or in a conservation area.
  4. Quotation: Once the design is finalised, the designer or joiner will provide you with a quotation that outlines the cost of materials, manufacturing, and installation. Ensure this includes a detailed breakdown so you can see where your money is going.
  5. Approval and Deposit: If you’re happy with the quote, you’ll typically need to approve the designs formally and pay a deposit. This allows the manufacturing phase to begin.
  6. Manufacture: Your staircase will be manufactured to your specifications. This process can vary in length depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used.
  7. Installation: Finally, the staircase will be installed by professionals. This process can take anywhere from a day to several days, again depending on the complexity and design.

Throughout this process, keep communication open with your designer or joiner. Any bespoke project can encounter unexpected hurdles, but with open lines of communication, these can be managed effectively.

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Remember, the beauty of a bespoke staircase is in the details that reflect your personal style and the craftsmanship of Edinburgh’s experts. Your involvement doesn’t end with the design; your feedback and collaboration throughout the process are vital to achieving the perfect end result.