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Top Gilmerton Garden Rooms

Garden Rooms Gilmerton

Embark on a journey with us into the realm of tailor-made garden rooms in Gilmerton! Our expertise in crafting serene outdoor retreats is unrivalled, thanks to years of dedication and service. We have become a cornerstone for those seeking personalized outdoor living solutions, catering to the unique lifestyle of Gilmerton’s community.

Garden Pods Gilmerton

Our garden pods in Gilmerton are the epitome of modern, compact living, designed for those who yearn for a blend of minimalism and functionality. These sustainable, chic garden studios are a testament to our commitment to eco-friendly practices and stylish design, providing a secluded oasis for relaxation, creativity, or work, all year round.

Garden Offices Gilmerton

As more people embrace the flexibility of working from home, our garden offices have become a popular choice in Gilmerton. Engineered for tranquility and efficiency, these spaces offer an undisturbed work environment that’s both inviting and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring you remain productive and inspired every day.

Garden Buildings Gilmerton

From quaint summerhouses to sleek, modern studios, our range of garden buildings in Gilmerton is designed with precision and a keen eye for detail. Each structure not only fulfills its intended purpose but also serves as a stunning addition to your outdoor space, built to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Garden Gyms Gilmerton

Our custom-designed garden gyms in Gilmerton provide the perfect setting for your fitness journey, offering ample space, optimal ventilation, and the privacy to work out at your own pace. Equipped with the essentials for a comprehensive health and wellness regimen, these gyms are your personal wellness sanctuary.

Bespoke Garden Rooms Gilmerton

For those dreaming of a garden space that truly reflects their personal style and functional needs, our bespoke garden rooms in Gilmerton are the ideal solution. We collaborate closely with you to transform your vision into reality, ensuring every aspect of your garden room is customized to perfection.

Insulated Garden Rooms Gilmerton

In the variable climate of Edinburgh, our insulated garden rooms are essential for year-round enjoyment. Designed with energy efficiency in mind, they provide a cozy retreat in the winter and a cool haven in the summer, all while minimizing heating costs and your environmental impact.

Summer Houses Gilmerton

Our summer houses are designed to offer a picturesque retreat during the warmer months, ideal for unwinding, entertaining, or indulging in hobbies. Expertly constructed to blend functionality with beauty, your summer house will soon become an integral and beloved feature of your garden. At Joiner Edinburgh, our commitment to excellence, dependability, and stellar customer service is unwavering. We strive to create spaces that are not only visually captivating but also practical and enduring. With our rich history of success and a passion for innovation, we’re here to realize your garden room aspirations in Gilmerton.

The Garden Room Experts

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Garden Rooms And Summer Houses Gilmerton, Edinburgh

Step Outside Into Your Dream Garden Room Or Summer House

Would you love to step out of your door and find a private, personalised room at the end of your garden that has been customised to your needs? Joiner Edinburgh is a leading specialist in designing, building and installing bespoke garden rooms and summer houses in Gilmerton.

Garden rooms in Gilmerton are an excellent addition to any property. Not only do they add value to your home and an extra functional space, but they look incredible and add a high-quality aesthetic to your garden.

Garden rooms are a brilliant way to extend your living area from inside to outside your Gilmerton property. They look stylish and create a custom space for entertainment, relaxation, exercise, or work.

Summer houses can transform an unused outdoor area, making it a versatile space suitable for any purpose, and add a staple feature to your home.

Uses For A Garden Room in Gilmerton

There are so many possibilities for a garden room:

  • Summer house
  • Entertaining area
  • Home office
  • Home gym
  • Craft room
  • Games room
  • Painting room
  • Library
  • Guest bedroom
  • Extension
  • Garden hut or shed
  • Storage room
  • And much more!

Garden Offices Gilmerton

In the past couple of years the way we work has changed drastically, and now working from home is a viable option for a huge number of people. Having a dedicated office space at home is something that is becoming more and more popular. Many people do not have a spare room in their house that they can use as an office, which is why garden offices in Gilmerton are a great choice with many benefits:

  • Improves work/life balance by separating your workspace from your home and family life
  • No more commuting – just walk down the garden path. This gives you back extra time to do the things you enjoy and spend time with your family
  • Your garden office is customised entirely to your needs and preferences such as colour, temperature, aesthetics, layout
  • As well as an office they can be used for a variety of other purposes
  • They are available to you all year round if you ever need to just get things done
  • They are a quiet and private space

Garden Room Installation Gilmerton

By following guidelines, you do not need to gain planning permission before building a garden room or summer house, making them an easier option to add a room to your house than a conversion.

They are built with high-quality materials such as timber, softwood and hardwood. They are durable and built to stand the test of time. They are insulated and built with materials that protect against the elements of the cold, wet Scottish weather, meaning they are fit for purpose throughout the entire year and not just during the summer.

With several decades of experience building garden rooms and hundreds of completed projects, our expert joiners operate in Edinburgh and surrounding areas including Fife, Midlothian, East Lothian and West Lothian.

Whether your garden room needs are small or large, there’s no project we won’t consider helping with. If you need a joiner who accepts nothing less than top-of-the-line quality & safety measures, get in touch with us today.

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#1 Garden Room Builders in Gilmerton

Why Joiner Edinburgh?

Our team of dedicated experts are leading specialists in designing, building and installing garden rooms and summer houses in Gilmerton. We offer a comprehensive service for your bespoke garden room project from design through to installation.

Our friendly team have years of experience in the industry and offer an expert eye on the design of your project to ensure it matches the aesthetics of your property, is durable and fit for purpose.

We use only the highest quality materials and build on a strong foundation, ensuring that our garden rooms are built to last.

We put our customers first, keeping them informed every step of the way, offering advice, and keeping any disruption during installation to a minimum. Your bespoke project will match your vision exactly and enhance the look and function of your Gilmerton property.

How Does It Work?

  • We will discuss your custom garden room options – materials, size, purpose, colours.
  • Our friendly team will complete a no-obligation visit to your property to assess the area for the room. We will take measurements and check what groundwork or preparation might be needed.
  • Once we have discussed your bespoke garden room project, we will provide an in-depth and personalised free quote including costs of materials and labour, and a time scale for project completion.
  • Our expert team will design your garden room to your exact specifications to meet your property needs.
  • Once you are completely happy with the design, the installation begins!

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Aside from our accomplishments and strong partnerships, there are several reasons why more customers choose us for their garden rooms over any other company in Scotland.

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Our Garden Room Reviews

We were delighted with this company. They were very honest with us from the start and we could leave them to do the job without the fear of being ripped off. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Mary T.


We got a great service from Joiner Edinburgh. The installation team were professional and friendly, our kitchen turned out amazing and the communication was very good. We would definitely recommend them.
Tony R.


I had extensive renovation work done and I am pleased with the result from start to finish. The team worked very hard, efficiently, and were courteous and friendly throughout.
Sean L.


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