Open staircases with floating steps are an increasingly popular design choice among Edinburgh homeowners for their sleek, modern look and the way they can open up a space. From a practical standpoint, they offer several advantages but also come with considerations that need to be addressed.

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Advantages of Open Staircases with Floating Steps:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: They offer a minimalist and contemporary aesthetic that can make a striking statement in any home.
  • Space Maximisation: Open designs give an illusion of more space, which is particularly advantageous in smaller Edinburgh homes where every square foot counts.
  • Light Flow: Without risers, light flows more freely through the staircase, enhancing the brightness and feel of both levels connected by the stairs.

Practical Considerations:

  • Safety: One of the primary concerns with open staircases is safety, especially in homes with children or elderly individuals. While aesthetically pleasing, the lack of risers can increase the risk of slips and falls. Proper design, including handrails and strategic lighting, can mitigate these risks.
  • Noise: Open staircases can sometimes result in more noise as sounds are not dampened by closed risers. Consideration of materials and construction can help manage acoustics.
  • Building Regulations: Edinburgh’s building regulations have specific requirements for staircases, including aspects like the maximum gap between treads, to ensure safety. These regulations must be carefully followed when designing an open staircase.
  • Insulation: Traditional closed staircases can contribute to the thermal efficiency of a home, while open staircases may not offer the same level of insulation.

As a local business with a wealth of experience in designing and installing custom staircases in Edinburgh, we prioritise not only the design aesthetics but also the functionality and safety of our installations. We collaborate closely with homeowners to assess the practicality of an open staircase in their specific home environment, considering all the local building codes and the unique architecture of their property.

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When executed correctly, an open staircase with floating steps can be both a practical and stunning addition to an Edinburgh home. With our expertise, we can guide you through the entire process, from design to installation, ensuring that your staircase is both safe and in harmony with your home’s character. Our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail means that we deliver a product that balances practicality with the distinctive architectural style of Edinburgh living spaces.